Breed Information

Belted Galloways

10 Reasons to Own Belted Galloways

  • Longevity
  • Hardiness
  • Adaptability
  • High Fertility Rates
  • Easy Calving
  • Naturally Polled
  • Disease Resistant
  • Excellent Mothering Ability
  • Feed Conversion Efficiency
  • Docility- Easy Handling and Easy Care

Proven Profitability

The Belted Galloway breed has been proven to be a superior feed converter. In tests at Olds Agricultural College, Olds, Alberta, over a 10 year period Galloways were shown to use the least feed per kilogram of weight gain. These high feed conversion rates are what makes the Belted Galloway breed profitable year after year.

Beef Quality

This is one of the most important breed characteristics of all Galloway breeds. The beef is lean yet well marbled. Because of the Galloway double hair coat, carcasses do not have the extra layer of back fat common to many other breeds. Galloways dress out at 60% to 62% of live weight.

Good Hair Coat = Lower Winter Feed Costs

Research at Montana State University has shown that beef cows with a hair coat just one inch thicker than average requires 20% to 25% less digestible feed intake to maintain body weight in cold weather. The double hair coat found on Belted Galloways means they need less feed to maintain good body condition.

An added advantage of the double hair coat is its ability to shed water. Rain hardly penetrates, even in cold weather. Galloways thrive year round in the harshest of climates and require minimal shelter from winter cold to summer heat.

Naturally Polled

All Galloway breeds are naturally polled. Most cattlemen find that the use of any of the Galloway cattle breeds will eliminate the problem of horns in the resulting calf crop.

Superior Foraging Ability

Studies conducted by Mols Laboratory of Denmark have demonstrated that of all breeds tested, the Galloway breeds consume more varieties of flora than any of the others breeds on test. This ability to digest the less desirable species of flora means Galloways will thrive in less than ideal conditions.